2022 Novelty Design of Table Lamp

With the development of science and technology, there are more and more electronic products in our daily life.Most of them are developing in the direction of multi-function,which is practical, convenient and multi-functional. Therefore, these products are also widely favored by the people.

built in desk lamp (9)


Designers with big brains have created a unique and creative table lamp – LED eye protection multi-function table lamp!It emits light evenly, the light is bright and soft,it simulates the natural light in the morning, as well as the eyesight can be fully protected when using the eyes, reducing eye fatigue.

This desk lamp have not flash problems. When you use the mobile phone to turn on the camera then aim at the light source, the mobile ph

one screen does not fluctuate a little bit, and it stays on all the time without stroboscopic ripples.

The design of USB multi-function can become a power bank for mobile phones. Intimate design are correct to lighting and charging. In terms of safety, it is not only considerate but also can meet most of the electricity needs so that you can rest assured!

It is both a desk lamp and a bank power to charge other electronic products. The user-friendly design, it is not only safe to use, but its appearance is also quite high. The table lamp play new tricks! table lamp 2022 new design

Post time: Jan-17-2022