Two Way Radio

  • JB5000 Two Way Radio

    JB5000 Two Way Radio

    • Mode:EU,EUH,CE,UK,PL,E1,I2,DE,DEH. • Microphone with LCD. • 3-colors backlight. • AM/FM mode. • ASQ/SQ function. • EMG channel CH9/19. • Dual Watch.
  • JB4000 Two Way Radio

    JB4000 Two Way Radio

    Function: Channel number 99 Tuner technology UHF, VHF The weight of the goods is 0.99 pounds The voltage is 13.8 volts   1. Support GMRS band!! portable UHF Mobile transceiver,1.44 “TFT display, power cord with cigarette plug connector for easy connection to your truck or car. High quality materials, better technology and high quality radiator ensure stable and durable operation, especially suitable for the driver; FCC ID:T4K-779UV 2.   mobile radio,500 programmable memory channels...
  • JB3000 Two Way Radio

    JB3000 Two Way Radio

    Standard Accessories: AnyTone Radio *1 Microphone *1 Mobile Bracket *1 Microphone Hanger *1 Screws *4 Pads *4 Adjusting screws *2 Non-slip mat *2 Fuse *1 Manual *1   Specification: GENERAL: Modulation Mode: AM/FM Frequency Tolerance: ±5.0ppm Dimensions: 185x124x38mm Weight: 620g Operating Temperature Range: -20℃ to +50℃ Current Drain Transmit: 3A MAX Current Drain Receive: Squelched 0.3A Current Drain VOL Max: 0.7A Antenna Connector: UHF, SO-239 TRANSMITTER: Power Output: AM 7W, FM15W Tr...
  • JB2000 Two-Way Radio

    JB2000 Two-Way Radio

    Power: AM: 4/8W FM: 4/8/15W

  • JB1000 Two Way Radio

    JB1000 Two Way Radio

    Power: AM: 4/8W FM: 4/8/15W