About Us

LOVELIKING Technology Co.,Ltd.


Since it was found in 2017, LOVELIKING technology has been focusing on development and design of innovation products for our clients. We work closely with many companies and startups and provide them best solutions of product development, manufacturing, & patents. Our mission is creating value for customers, with responsibility, quality and innovation.

Development & Design

We have over 15 experienced members consists of industrial designers, electrical engineers & mechanical designers to design and develop products, make it more unique. Our team specialize in electronic consumer goods, housewares and personal care products. The strong design ability makes our products got truly trust from our clients.


We have set up our own production plants in Dongguan & Xiamen City. Also we have long-term cooperation with other partners in manufacturing. As long as you share your ideas & thought with us, our team is able to offer you best solution and help you design and manufacture products in a better way.

What We Do

Design, development & manufacturing services: Our team solve problems and improve the existing of products, including appearance design , mechanical desig, circuit schematic design, software design. And we help you manufacture products.

Prototyping service: After finishing design, we also have extensive experience in building prototypes, bring your idea to life. It will help you reduce cost and convenient for testing.

Supply Chain advantages: We have our own electronic component factory to supply reasonable price components, and make all projects of design, development or prototyping move forward fast.

Consultant services : Our experienced team member would like to give you best solution when you have any problem in product design or development.

Successful Cases

In 2019, We cooperated with ChihiroSmart and develop a smart electric toothbrush and mass marketed in Japan.

In 2020, We design a mini handheld car vacuum cleaners H100 for our partner Joy Intelligent company. This hand vacuum is very popular in Korean and Southeast Asia countries.

In 2021, our team has been developing an ultra thin multifunctional table lamp, and obtained 5 design patents.