Basic Knowledge of Lamps

Lets talk about some basic knowledge about lights first.

1. Color temperature

The color temperature of the sun is 5000k, and the color temperature of a match is 1700k. The higher the color temperature, the brighter it is, and the lower the color temperature, the more dim it is. For children, the most suitable reading color temperature is around 3500k.

For adults, the color temperature of 5500-6000k is suitable for work use and can make us concentrate; but it is recommended to use a milder yellowish reading lamp for the bedside reading lamp, because it is too high and too white to look more exciting, and then wait for insomnia Count sheep.

2. Glare

A good lamp should have no glare, especially when reading copperplate booksIt is annoying to have reflections, and it will be difficult to see.

4. Illumination

The luminous flux received per unit area. Generally, the best writing illumination on the desktop is 700-1000lx.

The illuminance under the big sun is 10000lx, and the cloudy day is 8000lx.

These are essential basic knowledge can help you choose your favorite desk lamp.

Post time: Jan-25-2022