LED Lamp

 Do you know much about LED lamps?

The LED chip directly generates visible blue light after the electrons pass through, and the blue light changes through the phosphors covering the surface of the chip to produce the light color we want. The advantage of LED lights is that they can appear in front of your eyes in any shape, and the illumination range is very large; the color rendering is also very high, and those with better quality can reach Ra90 or higher; and various app skills can be added to remotely control the lights.

Therefore, the future reading light market will be an ocean of LED shopping.

In theory, the incandescent and fluorescent lamps mentioned above, because the home uses alternating current, so there will be some strobes that are not felt – this is caused by the electricity itself.

The biggest advantage of LED lights should be that there is no stroboscopic – however, the key to LED is the chip. If the chip is unstable, the energy generated by the current passing through the PN junction is also unstable, which will cause serious stroboscopic. Therefore, no matter how bad the quality of incandescent lamps is, there will be no stroboscopic visible to the naked eye, but LED lamps of slightly lower quality will have stroboscopic.

Therefore, can LED lamps be your first choice?

Post time: Jan-25-2022