Recommendations for Buying Table Lamps

Recommendations for buying table lamps, have you paid attention to these aspects?

First, the lighting range should be large.

A lot of people ignore this and just focus on the intensity of the lighting. Of course, the intensity is very essential.However, if the lighting range is not enough, no matter how high the intensity is, there will still be places in the shadows.

Second, a design that reduces shadows.

Everyone should have had this experience in their student life. When writing homework, the desk lamp is placed on the upper left or upper right so light shines from the side that causing shadows under the hands.You can adjust the position of the lower table lamp so that the light source is direct above the book to reduce shadows.

Third, the brightness should be high and stable.

Needless to say, high brightness means that the light intensity must be high enough, and stable brightness means that the light must be uniform and stable.

The brightness of the national standard AA level is stable, and it is clear to see things.

If you look at things for a short time, you may not feel that the change in brightness has much effect,whereas if you look at things for a long time, the feeling will be obvious.

Post time: Jan-24-2022