LOVELIKING ST-102 Wireless Recharging Sonic Electric Toothbrush 5 Modes Cleaning 47800 vibration per minute

Short Description:

Product : Oral electric toothbrush
Virbration : 47800 / min max
Material : ABS / TPE
Motor : Brushless motor
Power : 650mAh , 3.7v Li-o Battery
Age : Adults
Certification : CE, RoHS, FDA

Ive-speed vibration, upgrade brushing experience
Sensitive:The first use and sensitive period of the teeth, the vibration frequency is as high as 31,000 RPM.
Clean:Recommended for daily use, the vibration frequency is upto 41000 RPM.
White:Recommended for smoking/tea lovers, with a vibration frequency of up to 47,800 RPM to remove stubborn stains.
Gumcare:Clean massage gums, basic frequency 41000RPM, 250 massages per minute.
Polish:Polished and bright white, basic frequency 41000RPM, 570 polishing per minute.

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Main Features

1. Charging current: 200mA
2. Vibration: 47800prm max
3. Power: Built-in battery 650mA 3.7v lithium-ion. Running time over 30 days per charge
4. Working noise: ≤50dB
5. Charging time: 2.5 hours
6. Ergonomic and more comfortable TPU grip
7. DuPont bristles, the top of the bristles is more than 90% polished. Brush the smart color change prompt, replace the brush head
8. IPX7 waterproof handle
9. 5 intelligent modes for taking care of your teeth
Sensitive Mode: Lower speed cleaning, gently clean teeth and gum, suitable for sensitive and teeth and first time users
Clean Mode: Deeper cleaning to to remove stubborn food residue and plaque.
Whiten Mode : Strongest vibration as 47800 times to clean stubborn stains, such as coffee, smoke, wine stains etc.
Gum care : Gently stimulates gum to and accelerate blood circulation to improve overall gum health
Polish : Improve the gloss of the tooth surface
10. 30 - 60 days of use per charge
11. Surface working max temperature:≤60°
12. The movement adopts a magnetic levitation sonic motor with a unilateral oscillation frequency of 31,000 to 47,800 times per minute. The bristles are more than 4 mm.
13. Smart-Quick wireless fast charging technology, charging can be finished within 4 hours
14. The handle surface is non-slip plastic
15. OEM&ODM services available

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