Eye protection desk lamp

Frequently learning under a stroboscopic light source will damage the optic nerve. We turned on the camera of the mobile phone and pointed it at the light source of the desk. If the light source was clearly presented, it was proved that there was no flicker. No glare = no eye damage, avoiding myopia. In order to make the light emitted by the eye protection lamp more uniform and soft, without glare, we adopted a side-emitting optical design.

The light emitted by the lamp beads is filtered by the reflector, light guide and diffuser, and then shines into the child’s eyes, so that the eyes can be kept comfortable and moisturized for a long time. National standard AA-level illuminance = reduce eye fatigue. Many desk lamps have a single light source with low illuminance and a small range of light. This will form a strong contrast between light and dark, and the child’s pupils will be enlarged and contracted, and the eyes will soon become fatigued.

The light is evenly distributed, illuminates a wide area, effectively protects the baby’s eyesight, and allows the child to focus more on learning.

3000K-4000k color temperature means reducing blue light and improving learning efficiency. Too low color temperature will make the child feel drowsy, and too high color temperature will increase the blue light content and damage the child’s retina.

Post time: Nov-01-2021