What is eye-caring light ?

The so-called eye protection lamp is to make ordinary low-frequency flashes into high-frequency flashes. Generally speaking, it flashes thousands of times or even tens of thousands of times per second. At this time, the speed of flashing exceeds the speed of human eye’s nerve response. For long-term study and office under this kind of light, people will feel that their eyes are more comfortable and easy to protect their eyes. The so-called stroboscopic is the process of light changing from bright to dark and then from dark to bright, that is, the frequency change of the current. The usual eye protection lights are basically divided into five types: The first high frequency eye protection lights are ordinary eye protection lights. It uses a high-frequency ballast to increase the flicker frequency from 50 times per second, such as the normal point, to 100 times per second, which doubles the frequency of the grid. The human eye can perceive the change within 30Hz, and the light change 100 times per second is completely invisible to the human eye, which achieves the purpose of eye protection. At the same time it has a protective effect on the eyes. Because of human eyes, the pupils shrink when the light is strong; when the light is weak, the pupils dilate. Therefore, the eyes of people who read or read directly with ordinary lights will get tired after long time. To achieve the purpose of eye protection. But the electromagnetic radiation of ordinary high-frequency lamps will also increase, that is, the electromagnetic radiation of high-frequency lamps is larger than that of ordinary incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, and it may also cause another kind of damage. Everyone needs to pay attention when buying eye protection lights.

The second electronic high-frequency eye protection lamp also uses high-frequency electronic ballasts. It is also an upgraded version of the first type of eye protection lamp. The design takes into account the impact of light reflection on human eyes and adds a filter. It can effectively increase the required light and reduce the unnecessary light.

The third electric heating type eye protection lamp This eye protection lamp uses the principle of continuous heating by the heating wire of an ordinary incandescent lamp. The design uses a filament with a large heat capacity to continuously supply heat and brighten, achieving the purpose of eye protection. Most of these eye protection lamps have two gears, first turn on the low gear to heat the filament, then turn on the high grade, and use it normally. Because when the lamp is first turned on, the filament is not too hot, the current will be relatively large, the filament is easy to burn, and the life of the bulb is not long. When you choose this kind of eye protection lamp, you can see intuitively: After turning on the light, the light slowly lights up, that is, it has a large heat capacity; it lights up when it is turned on, and it has a small heat capacity.

The fourth emergency lighting eye protection light This kind of eye protection light is the usual emergency light. He uses storage batteries, which are generally used for emergency lighting. The lamp has short life span, low luminous efficiency, and other shortcomings. Now such technology is also applied to the eye protection desk lamp, the alternating current is stored through the battery, and then illuminated. Due to the unstable output current and unstable storage power of this kind of eye protection lamp, it will produce flicker and radiation, which is not suitable for high-use environment. It is not recommended to use when there is electricity.

The fifth DC eye protection lamp. The DC eye protection lamp uses a DC ballast to first convert the AC power into a DC power with a stable voltage and current. When the DC power is used to light the lamp, the lamp will not flicker when it is on, and it is truly free of flicker , And the light emitted during use is continuous and uniform light like natural light, very bright, but not dazzling at all, very soft, which greatly relieves eyesight. ; Due to the use of DC technology, there is no fluctuation, while avoiding electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic pollution caused by the high-frequency oscillation of the high-frequency electronic ballast. But the biggest disadvantage of this type is that the process is difficult and the cost is high. The sixth LED eye protection light

Post time: Jul-09-2021